EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction), also referred to as the execution phase, is the stage where detailed engineering and design, procurement of the necessary equipment and materials, and the construction takes place. It is the main part of any major project and is often outsourced. During the engineering part, all departments and disciplines work together to determine and produce the optimal design for overall project success that balances budget and efficiency. After the design is completed, a set of discipline drawings are produced for the construction team to use.

Procurement is the second part of EPC that involves all sourcing, purchasing, and inspecting of products, materials, services, and equipment required for construction.

Construction is the last phase of the EPC phase. This is where the construction team comes together to fulfill the predetermined deadlines and goals per the scope of the project.

In addition to sourcing skilled technical professionals, by EPC phase, many of our Clients engage us to manage the whole recruitment and onboarding process for the project, which can cover;

· Design and management of the recruitment process
· Creation of Job description and person specification
· Benchmarking
· Create and promote project branding proposition
· Sourcing suitably qualified technical talent pool
· Technical vetting and shortlisting
· Interviewing
· Offer management
· Onboarding

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