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Interview with Reece Gill

Interview with Reece Gill

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7 Jun 2024

Please tell me a bit about yourself

I recently graduated with a Masters from UCL (University College London). I started my career in the financial industry gaining a degree in Economics which included an internship on Wall Street, New York.

What is your role and what do you do

I’m a recruitment consultant focusing on the US energy market. Applica’s US office is based in Houston Texas. The energy market there is growing at about 16% a year by consumption and this is across all areas including renewables, I’m working with Applica’s US team to get to know the clients and candidates to ensure we get projects resourced.

What do you enjoy most about working with Applica?

First and foremost, it’s working with the team, they are so supportive, knowledgeable and helpful and it’s a really nice environment to work in. I’m seen as a person and I’m given freedom to shape the role, develop and own it.

Why did you choose to work with Applica?

The company has great values and everyone believes in them, it’s a very ethical company and I was drawn to that.

The company isn’t solely about money, as an employee you’re valued, clients are valued and candidates are valued and if we don’t have the right solution then we won’t push it.

I do also get a kick out of being part of a company that is helping to achieve energy transition. We know the industry inside and out and because of this we are able to source skilled candidates to enable these projects.

Tell me something not many people know about you

I play guitar and drums and I’ve formed bands in the past. I would eventually like to get back to it.

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