Maiken Nilsen

Country Manager - Norway


I live in Stavanger widely referred to as the Oil Capital of Norway. The Offshore Northern Seas convention is held here every other year. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a great deal, but I’ve always called Stavanger my home.

I hold a BA in International Business from BI Stavanger. The studies included a year spent at Leeds Metropolitan University. I started my career in recruitment, with daily tasks such as cold calling candidates and clients, arranging interviews and client meetings. I learnt so much as a young 23-year-old and it was a great basis to start from.

Having spent several years in recruitment, I was headhunted to the client side, where I became responsible for recruitment processes and procedures, as well as the selection of personnel suppliers. My experience has been invaluable in knowing what clients want and need.

I have enjoyed working in recruitment and client side, as it has allowed me to understand the market, internal policies and how projects are managed.

A key element of my career has always been working with people and understanding their needs. When people feel seen, trust is built.