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It takes a team

It takes a team

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12 Apr 2023

As we continue to celebrate Applica’s fifth anniversary it is remarkable to think that shortly after the company was launched in 2018 oil prices lost more than a third of their value and just over one year later the company had to deal with a global pandemic.

CEO Matt Halle knows that the company has thrived because of the attitude and resilience of his team. “It is so motivating to work with the team at Applica every day, they are hardworking, passionate and incredibly creative, we have achieved what we have achieved together”.

Refreshingly Applica’s senior leadership team is 66% female and this statistic is representative of Applica’s workforce as a whole.

Yoohaina Edwards, People, Culture, and PMO Director “The team dynamic at Applica works so well because whilst we all have the same goal of delivering a quality product for our clients and contractors but we all have different viewpoints and approaches in how the solution should be delivered. The ideas and approaches complement each other and achieve results which we just wouldn’t get if it wasn’t for this team. The result is a synergy for everyone. Applica is a very human team in every sense of the word and we’re all the better for it”.

Julia Walla Vice President for North America, “Applica has been so successful in the US due to the contributions of the incredible team and their determination. We have built authentic relationships within our own team, candidates and clients, and prove day in and day out that we are a solutions driven company. We are out of the box thinkers, so when a client approaches us with a need, we focus on the specific details for that particular client to deliver unique custom-tailored solutions to achieve their needs”.

Louisa Batten Group Commercial Director “We have a great team which has achieved remarkable things over the last 5 years. The company is founded upon professionalism and expertise and it is genuinely a great culture. People love working at Applica and that permeates into delivering a better service to candidates and clients”

Angela Stanford Group Finance Director

“It is no co-incidence that over the past five years, due to the combined efforts of the team, Applica’s turnover has increased by at least 35% year on year with 2022 seeing astonishing growth of 51%. There are no barriers to what we can achieve and I’m delighted to be a part of it”.

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