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Interview with Louisa Batten, Group Commercial Director

Interview with Louisa Batten, Group Commercial Director

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6 Oct 2022

Please tell me about yourself

I’ve worked in the engineering recruitment industry for longer than I care to mention. I’m passionate about the entire spectrum of resource management, particularly the unique demands of projects. I’ve been fortunate that work has enabled me to travel to some amazing places and work on some incredible projects.

Personally, I’m passionate about giving back. I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of community work which has included training as a money coach with Christians Against Poverty (CAP). They’re a fantastic charity. The training means we can provide free money management courses for people in the community to help them manage and take control of their finances.

When I’m not helping others or resourcing projects, I love spending time with my family and friends and usually find we have a house full most weekends!

You’ve worked in the industry for many years why did you choose to move to Applica?

They’re a great team who’ve achieved remarkable things over the last 4 years. I have worked with Matt previously and know the level of professionalism and expertise which the company is founded upon. It’s a genuinely great culture. That’s been so apparent meeting the teams across each of our locations. People love working here and that permeates into delivering a better service to candidates and clients. I’m excited to bring my experience and expertise to help drive the strategy and grow the business. My experience of resourcing projects globally fits perfectly with Applica’s focus.

How and why is Applica best placed to help clients achieve their goals?

The energy market is evolving and project resourcing comes with particular challenges. The Applica team which has previously worked for larger companies, has come together to deliver a more professional and personalised service to clients and candidates.

We understand the challenges faced and work as trusted partners for our clients to provide advice and solutions over and above just highly skilled candidates. This ensures projects are delivered successfully, on time and to budget.

What are your plans for Applica?

In a nutshell, I hope to bring my skills and experience to help grow the business. We are trusted advisors in our industry and deliver excellence to both clients and candidates.

What is your outlook for the energy market?

The drive to net zero and a low-carbon energy system has caused rapid growth and investment in a wide range of low-carbon energy sources and technologies: wind and solar power, electric vehicles, biofuels, and low-carbon hydrogen. Many of those are new energy markets or technologies and are reliant on transferable skills from elsewhere in the industry, often oil and gas.

Chemicals are making a strong recovery since the pandemic. It’s a busy market in decarbonisation and projects have been built with energy transition technologies.

The war in Ukraine has obviously had a big impact, particularly in Europe. Governments now have to balance the trilemma: sustainability, security and affordability. Previously sustainability was at the top of the list but now security has obviously jumped in priority as all European countries want to lessen their dependence on imported fuels. Oil and Gas is making a resurgence, we’re seeing that in the North Sea. This sector is also working hard to decarbonise their operations and value chains.

The certainty is that we’ll see a wider energy mix going forward but which sources prove to be most dominant remains a question.

No matter what mix is needed for a project, Applica recognises the transferable skills which our candidates have and work closely with our clients to ensure projects are fully resourced.

What are the benefits to clients and candidates of working with a global company?

From a client perspective, working with a global supplier such as Applica, gives clients access to a wider resource pool. This can be hugely beneficial, particularly when hiring for a role with a niche skill set. A global company can also support projects and various stages of the project lifecycle, which can often be carried out across multiple locations. Importantly Applica has a good understanding of local talent and fiscal compliance required to operate compliantly.

From a candidate perspective, a global company affords candidates a greater reach to exciting projects or opportunities. The freedom to move to different regions of the world, work on major projects and learn new skills are just some of those benefits.

Many energy projects are most efficiently delivered across different locations and benefit from skills from different nationalities and cultures.

Finally, please tell me something not many people know about you

I have flown a glider and would love to learn how to fly a plane … watch this space!

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