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Applica leads the way in celebrating International Women’s day

Applica leads the way in celebrating International Women’s day

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8 Mar 2023

International Women's Day is a global event celebrating and recognising the achievements of women.

According to a report by Fortune Women hold a record number of corporate board seats; the bad news: It’s barely over 25%, and it’s slowing down. This trend however is bucked by Applica which has a majority female board, 60% in fact and in the company overall 57% of its employees are women.

So why does any of this matter and why does it matter to Applica? In global economic terms to exclude women seems counter intuitive. Women make up 49.5%* of the world’s population and economically, according to Forbes they are responsible for 70 – 80% of purchasing decisions. Morally and economically it makes no sense to exclude half of the world.

Applica’s sole focus is people, clients, contractors candidates and of course its own team.

Yoohaina Edwards; People, Culture and Project Management Director said:

“Our company values are Determination, Contribution, Empathy, Authenticity and Relationships, how can we as a company live and breathe these values if we dismiss half of the population? Despite strides in progress, women still make up just 40% of the global labour force** as a company which prides itself on finding and providing the best talent, we need to do more, we can do more; international women’s day is very important to us.”

Applica will be holding workshops to ensure that their recruitment practices are as effective as they can be when reaching out to women working in the energy sector.



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