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Applica is turning five!

Applica is turning five!

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27 Mar 2023

Applica’s recent sales conference in Manchester was rather special; it was the first time ever, due to the pandemic that the entire Applica global team were able to be together in the same room at the same time. The conference began the build up to Applica’s fifth anniversary which the company will celebrate in May 2023.

When Applica started in 2018 the staff roll call consisted of just the CEO, Matt Halle who was quickly joined by Managing Director Tom Penney.

The company’s values of Determination, Contribution, Empathy, Authenticity and Relationships were formed shortly after.

“Being able to put these values into practice is the reason I started the business, says Matt, the team genuinely value them and live by them every day, they keep us together and they have helped the company to grow.”

And grown it has, over the past five years, Applica’s turnover has increased by at least 35% year on year with 2022 seeing astonishing growth of 51% and this is only set to continue.

“During our first year, Applica was an energy recruitment company securing the best technical talent for our clients, says Tom Penney, MD of UK & Europe. We’re still an energy recruitment company but our focus is now on resourcing projects globally. We’re a trusted partner and consultant to our clients because we create tailored solutions which deliver projects on time and inside budget.

The company now has offices in the UK, US and Norway with representation in South America and Asia Pacific.

The key to the company’s success has always been relationships, understanding the market and understanding the client.

“A key focus for us moving forward, says Matt, will be energy security and working with key partners such as Alderley and EIC to lobby government to create a realistic energy security strategy. This will enable a robust industry in the UK, an industry in which key clients can invest in and develop, an industry which embraces renewable technologies allowing the UK to achieve its net zero targets”.

The last five years have naturally not been without challenges but I’m really pleased with where we are. The team is great, we are trusted partners to our clients and our contractors are some of the best talent in the industry. I’m really looking forward to the next five years”.

Applica Team Manchester
Applica Team Manchester 2023

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