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Top tips for candidates

Top tips for candidates

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14 Nov 2022

When beginning a new search ask yourself a few questions:

Be honest with yourself

  • Why do you want to change roles?
  • Will the new role fulfil your career goals?
  • Will it fit in with your personal goals?

Please know the answers to these questions before moving forward.

Be honest with your recruiter

Being truthful with your expectations will ensure that your recruiter finds the best fit for you and the client. They will work hard for you as they know the industry, the company you are interviewing with and the role. An excellent Recruiter will become your career coach and will become an invaluable asset in the short, medium and long-term.

Once you have landed the interview, prepare!

Research the company and research who will be interviewing you

Go through the job specification and find examples of your own work which matches what they are looking for.

Kwanele Sithole Senior Recruitment Consultant

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