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HSEQ with Applica

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21 Nov 2022

Will Manley is a recruitment consultant at Applica who looks after clients and candidates in C&C, construction and commission, HSEQ, health, safety, environment and quality and O&M, operations and maintenance.

From the three areas that you recruit for do you enjoy one area more than others?

During my CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) studies I specialised in health and safety legislation. I really enjoy working in this area as HSEQ impacts on all areas of a project, it is essential that the recruitment of HSEQ roles are done swiftly and accurately as a project can’t progress without them.

This sector is a good fit for me as a large percentage of the candidates that I recruit are based in the north of England and being based here has allowed me to build some great relationships.

The area that you recruit for is constantly changing, how do keep on top and ahead of the changes?

At Applica the training is constant. We are mentored and also supported with external training from the HSE (Health and safety executive) in the UK, NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) in the US and EU-OSHA (European Agency for Safety and Health at work) I also undertake my own research.

Where is the market now

There are currently many more vacancies than candidates and employees are very reluctant to move from their current positions.

We have found that salary isn’t the top of their ‘list’ when considering a new role. Many have quoted responsibility, flexibility and ‘fitting in’ with the company culture as more important than renumeration. This is one of the main reasons I enjoy my role so much. I’m able to get the right fit between a company and candidate. I make a point of keeping in touch with everyone I have placed and understanding what they are looking for in their next role.

What is your advice for candidates

Understand the market, keep up to date with your certifications and registrations and keep in touch with your recruiter.

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