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Drilling, Completions & Geoscience

Drilling, Completions & Geoscience

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2 Nov 2022

Applica prides itself on its quality of work for both clients and candidates.

Christian Taylor, Recruitment Manager UK and Europe heads up the Drilling, Completions & Geoscience discipline for the company, here he explains the point of difference which Applica offers.

Within drilling, completions & geoscience there is an extensive variety of expertise, ranging from Drilling Engineers to Petrophysicists, Geologists and Geoscientists, who all have their part to play in identifying hydrocarbon reserves and how to extract them.

Having studied BSc Geology at University, I understand the science behind drilling, completions & geoscience, enabling me to recruit from a technical understanding and not just word searching an applicant’s CV. If a client requires HPHT experience, I understand why. When drilling at 30,000 ft under water both the pressure and temperature can be extremely high and because of this, the means of extraction can be completely different. My technical knowledge and understanding ensure that I only put forward candidates with the most closely matched skill set. This not only enables me to find the right people, but it also allows me to have level conversations with clients to correctly understand their requirements.

Knowing what skills, experience and knowledge to look for, and understanding why they are important for our clients’ projects, ensures that Applica is putting the best candidates forward at all times. Recruiting with technical knowledge enables us to build solid and long lasting relationships with our clients and our candidates, ultimately allowing our clients to complete their projects on time and within budget.

Christian Taylor

Recruitment Manager (UK & Europe)

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